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CNC Trainer Milling Machine : Model-HEM10

  • Pc Based Indigenous CNC System
  • Floor Standing Robust Machine
  • Part Programming with ISO G Codes
  • Offline Graphical Simulation Facility
  • Steel Cutting Machine
  • Axis driven by Stepper Motors
  • 2HP, AC Spindle with VFD
  • Self Diagnostic facility
  • Password protection
  • Ball Screw driven Axis
  • Emergency stop
  • Supervisor lock facility
  • 3+1 Axis
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Product Description

The HEM10 Trainer Milling is the basic and indigenous model for imparting training of CNC curriculum to the students. HEM10 is designed specifically to fulfill training needs of modern engineering programs. Simultaneously 3 axis control enables linear interpolation is three dimensions and mulch-quadrant circular interpolation. Several part programs are provided with the machine to demonstrate face & Side milling, grooving and drilling operations. HEM10 provide a versatile PC Based CNC System at affordable cost.

PC Based CNC ControllerSimulate UtilityRobust Mechanical SystemSafety and Emergency

The HEM10 Milling is operated under program control using a dedicated PC. The user interface is an integrated development environment used for entering part programs, simulating the resulting tool movements, editing the part program as required and finally machining the actual part.

Actual machining operation is password protected and electronically interlocked so that the supervisor is always in control avoiding mishandling of the system by students. While executing the part program of HEM10, system scrolls the program instructions and identifies the command line currently being executed allowing the student to co-relate each instruction with the machine operation.

The system allows entering of offsets to impart training in the intricacies of tool wear and tool-nose radius compensation. Spindle and coolant pump ON/OFF under program control using standard M Codes is provided. A special section on diagnostics allows the student to quickly check and troubleshoot operation of the various limit switches and individual axis motions.

With the simulate function provided in the HEM10 trainer the student can quickly check tool path motions on the PC screen and amend mistakes before attempting to machine the part. This function reduces development time and minimizes chances of machine damage and wastage of material. The simulate utility of HEM10 has built in syntax Check and online help making it as invaluable tool for training in Part Programming. Mirror utility, subroutine call and canned cycles in HEM10 enables user to easy develop intricate shapes.
The HEM10 trainer milling is built on a rugged and sturdy fabricated Base. All axis are driven by powerful stepper motors and ball screws which makes cutting of steel possible. Spindle equipped with VFD allows speed variation and makes user understand the basic and proper metallurgy for machining operations
The HEM10 has in built limit switches which automatically inhibit motion beyond allowable limits to avoid damage to the machine. An emergency stop provided on the main machine is active all the time and will disable all motions and spindle drive as soon as it is pressed.

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Mechanical CapacitiesElectrical capacitiesCNC SystemStandard Accessories
Machine Type Floor Standing Machine
Machine Structure Fabricated Structure
Travel X axis 200 mm
Travel Y axis 125
Travel Z axis 100 mm
Table Size 700 x 200 mm
Spindle Nose Taper R 8/ISO 30
Spindle Bore 20 mm
Spindle to table distance 175 mm
Spindle to Column distance 250 mm
Transmission Ball Screw & Linear Guide ways
Lubrication system Manual Pump
Coolant Tank Capacity 20 Liters
Machine weight 900 kg
Machine Size 1000 x 700 x 1400 mm
Spindle Motor 2 H.P AC Induction Motor
Spindle Speed 100 - 1400 rpm
Spindle Drive Variable Frequency Drive
Axis Motor Stepper Motor
Number of Axis 3
Supply Single Phase 220 V
CNC Controller Indigenous Controller make 3D Technologies
Type of Control System PC based System
Tool Path Simulation Provided
Input System Metric/Inch
Backlash compensation Provided
Axis Feed Rate 10 – 100 mm/min
Axis Rapid rate 500 mm/min
Accuracy ± 0.050 mm
Resolution 0.01 mm
Repeatability ± 0.020 mm
Precision ± 0.030 mm
Interpolation Linear & Circular
CNC Programming ISO ( G , M , F, T Codes)
Program Dwell Provided
Block Skip Function Provided
Emergency Stop Provided
Supervisor Lock Provided
Password Protection Provided
Graphical Simulation Offline Simulation Provided
Self Diagnostic Function Provided
End Mill Cutter (H.S.S) Diameter 12 mm
End Mill Cutter (H.S.S) Diameter 6 mm
Collets for Cutters Diameter 12 mm & 6 mm (1 Each)
Machine Vice 100 mm
Set of Parallel Packing for Machine Vice 1 Set Provided
Manual Lubrication Pump Provided
Coolant Pump + Coolant Oil (1 Ltr) Provided
Manual explaining Training, Operations, Experiments and Machine’s working Provided
Raw Material for trial 100 x 100 x 10 mm (Material Mild Steel)
Vibration Damping Pads Provided (4 Nos)Provided (4 Nos)
Tool Kit containing Allen Keys, Screw Driver, Spanner as required in machine Provided (1 Each)
PC with Display Screen Provided (1Each)
CVT for Machine 2 KVA