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CNC Turning Center : Model-MCL14

  • Industrial CNC Controller
  • Axis driven by heavy servo motors
  • Slant Bed
  • Heavy Duty, Cast Iron Structure
  • 8 Station automatic tool structure
  • Steel cutting machine
  • 3HP, AC Spindle with VFD
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Travel : X Axis 150mm | Y Axis 250mm
  • CAD/CAM Compatibility
  • Safety Alarms & self Diagnostics
  • Cartridge spindle: ISO 40 taper

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Product Description

MCL14 Lathe is a Production CNC Lathe Machine with advanced electronics as well as mechanical features. This model can also be used for imparting training and hands on practice of CNC curriculum to the students. MCL14 is designed to work and also learn Industrial CNC and its working at an extra cost.
Running on advanced Industrial CNC Controller, Closed loop CNC Lathe MCL14 provides a accurate machined work pieces and ensures mass production. Designed for mass production application, MCL14 simultaneous 2+1 axis control enables complete possible interpolations.

Robust Mechanical with advanced CNC ControllerSafety and Emergency
The MCL14 Lathe is robust built, Slant Bed and capable to handle heavy depth of cuts. It is accompanied with a faster and precise 8 Station Tool Turret. On screen user interface, CAD/CAM compatibility allows faster machine processes. Hydraulic Power Chuck allows Job holding precise and faster.

In MCL14 lathe both axis are driven by powerful Servo motors and ball screws along with Linear Guideways which makes production of various parts possible. Re circulating Coolant Supply, Automatic lubrication provided in the machine ensures trouble free machining process and long machine life.

The MCL14 has in built safety features, self diagnostic screen to ensure safe working environment of the operator. Soft Limits & Electrical Limit switches prohibit motion beyond allowable limits to avoid damage to the machine. An emergency stop provided on the main machine is active all the time and will disable all motions and spindle drive as soon as it is pressed.

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Mechanical CapacitiesElectrical capacitiesCNC SystemStandard Accessories
Machine Type Floor Standing Robust Machine
Machine Structure Fabricated Cast Iron Structure
Machine Bed Slant Bed
Center height 200 - 250 mm
Swing over axis 100 mm
Travel X axis 150 mm
Travel Z axis 300 mm
Chuck Self Centering 3 Jaw Chuck
Spindle Nose Taper ISO 40
Spindle Bore 32 mm
Spindle Type Cartridge Spindle (A 2-4)
Maximum machining Diameter 100 mm
Transmission Ball Screw & Linear Guide ways
Lubrication system Automatic Lubrication Pump
Coolant Tank Capacity 40 Liters
Machine weight 1400 kg
Machine Size 2000 x 900 x 1000 mm
Spindle Motor 3 H.P AC Induction Motor
Spindle Speed 100 - 2800 rpm
Spindle Drive Variable Frequency Drive
Axis Motor Servo Motor
Number of Axis 2
Supply 220v,50hz,3 phase for machine
Automatic Tool Turret 8 Station Automatic Tool Turret
CNC Controller HUST CNC Controller H4C-T with Panasonic Servo System
Type of Control System Industrial CNC Controller with provision to connect to PC
Tool Path Simulation Provided
Input System Metric/Inch
Backlash compensation Provided
Axis Feed Rate 0 – 3000 mm/min
Axis Rapid rate 5000 - 10000 mm/min
Resolution 0.001 mm
Repeatability ± 0.002 mm
CNC Programming Standard ISO ( G , M , F, T Codes)
Program Dwell Provided
Block Skip Function Provided
Emergency Stop Provided
Supervisor Lock Provided
Password Protection Provided
Graphical Simulation Online Simulation Provided
Self Diagnostic Function Provided
DNC communication Possible
CAD/CAM Compatibility Possible
Hand wheel operation MPG for manual operation (Optional)
Co-ordinate system Absolute and incremental
Axis feedback 100% Closed Loop
Option skip function Available
Optional stop and feed hold function Available
Manual data input Available
Online acceleration/Deceleration Available
Mirror effect cutting Available
Tool radius compensation Available
Rectangular grooving Available
Circular grooving Available
Boring canned cycle Available
Soft over travel limits Available
Feed rate commands Either mm/min or mm/rev both possible
Feedback resolution of axis motor 10000 pulses per revolution
Feedback of spindle motor 4096 pulses per revolution
Interpolation of Axis Two axis at any time
On Screen Diagnostics Possible
Output Control in Auto & MDI mode Possible
Input feedback in Auto Mode Possible
On Screen Line Simulation Possible
Feed Override 0-150%
Spindle override 0-100%
Turning & Facing Tool with spare Insert Shank 20 mm
Brazed Parting Tool Shank 20 mm
Threading Tool with insert Size 20 mm
Boring Bar Size 12 mm
Automatic Lubrication Pump Provided
Coolant Pump + Coolant Oil (1 Ltr) Provided
Manual explaining Training, Operations, Experiments and Machine’s working Provided
Raw Material for trial (Steel Rod mm) Provided (1 Nos)
Vibration Damping Pads Provided (4 Nos)
Tool Kit containing Allen Keys, Screw Driver, Spanner as required in machine Provided (1 Each)
Isolation Transformer Provided
8 Station Automatic Tool Turret Provided